Irony gold standard: Construction of Obama Presidential Library delayed (guess why)


As everybody knows, when Obama was president he and his administration had a tremendous love of government regulations:

But sometimes regulation-happy pols fall into their own traps.

Here’s more proof that what goes around comes around:

Groundbreaking for the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago will be delayed until next year because of a delay in the federal review process.

Construction on former President Barack Obama’s center was to start this year. However, the Obama Foundation says it now plans to break ground for the half-billion-dollar project sometime in 2019.

Before the presidential center can be built, the federal government will review its impact on Jackson Park. The park on the city’s South Side is on the National Register of Historic Places. The project’s environmental effects will also be analyzed. Any adverse effects must be resolved before construction is allowed.

Finally an environmental regulation has a positive impact! I hope the damn thing’s delayed ten years due to environmental studies, and when the Obama Library is finally constructed, it should be made entirely out of red tape for the perfect tribute to that part of Obama’s legacy.

Author: Doug Powers

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