PANIC: DNC Chair & Nancy Pelosi among Dems trying to pour cold water all over more good economic news

Dems panicked by good economic news says about all you need to know.

July saw record employment and the unemployment rate dropping below 4 percent. As always, decent economic news has Dems in a panic in an election year when they’re out of power, so it’s time to try and extinguish an economy that’s on fire. First up, get a load of this from DNC Chair and super-leftist Tom Perez:

Haha! He’s trying so very hard. The predicted “blue wave” could be in serious jeopardy.

Nancy Pelosi did it even better by saying that if anybody in the working class is still struggling, it’s because of people like… Nancy Pelosi:

I’m not sure a one-percenter saying “one-percenters are helping screw you over” has the kind of impact she thinks it does.

Dems in a panic when the economy gets better says about all you need to know.

Author: Doug Powers

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