Media & Resistance warriors (pardon the redundancy) flip out over ICE arresting man driving pregnant wife to hospital, skip an important detail

“Journalism” 2018.

I’ve seen a whole bunch of outrage over this story from liberals who rarely if ever seem curious about the full details of an arrest by ICE. The media mostly just fueled the outrage part:

Many were quick to jump on it, because, you know, Trump’s president and everything is inhumane now:

Rep. Joe Kennedy and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau were among the outraged:

If Kennedy thinks that’s heartless wait until he sees “Chappaquiddick”! But I digress…

Sounds like ICE is pretty awful, right? Oh, but there’s an important bit of context to add to the story that some media outlets might not be too quick to put out there since it pours a bit of cold water on the outrage. At least some media outlets are following up with all the facts:

THAT detail won’t get nearly the circulation that the first part of the story received.

Author: Doug Powers

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