Bill de Blasio extends commitment to recycling all the way to Trump admin’s slogan

As a “green” eco-conscious progressive politician, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio likes to promote recycling, and he leads by example. Here’s proof:

Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Trump don’t agree on much, but they both seem to like the same slogan.

Hizzoner appeared in front of a sign declaring “Promises Made, Promises Kept” at a groundbreaking for a new, 1000-seat school in East New York on Monday.

Trump and the GOP have repeatedly used the same slogan to tout the White House’s accomplishments.

Trump’s campaign posted a video on YouTube in September 2017 with the slogan and another on Facebook in July.

The White House has been using this slogan since last year:

De Blasio this week:

He should at least be made to cite the Trump administration as the author of that slogan. Besides, I think “Great Leap Forward” would be a much more fitting slogan for Comrade de Blasio.

Author: Doug Powers

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