Journo who works at the same network as Brian Williams says Fox News is the reason people distrust the media

NBC News employs journalism’s equivalent of Commander McBragg

A recent poll found that about two-thirds of Americans believe the media is biased and should be viewed with healthy skepticism. NBC News’ chief political correspondent Chuck Todd, who works at the same network that employs Brian “Commander McBragg” Williams, mostly blames Fox News for that public perception:

NBC host Chuck Todd said Sunday that the “Roger Ailes-created echo chamber” created the environment that has led to the public believing the media is biased.

“The conservative echo chamber created that environment,” Todd said on “Meet The Press” while responding to an argument about the media’s favorability from CBN News’s David Broidy.

“It has been a tactic and a tool of the Roger Ailes-created echo chamber.”

Ailes, who died last year, was the former CEO of Fox News and widely seen as a key figure in shaping the news network.

Aside from NBC News employing Brian Williams and Al Sharpton, that criticism of Fox News is from the same “journalists” who will frequently have Dan Rather on their panel discussions. What a joke.

Author: Doug Powers

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