Ex Maryland governor a lock to win most pitifully shameless liberal take on the Jacksonville shooting

Absolutely pathetic

In Jacksonville on Sunday, two people were killed and over ten injured by a man from Baltimore, Maryland who brought a gun he obtained in that state into a gun-free zone in Florida and shot up the place after losing a video game tournament. He then killed himself.

With that in mind, guess who former mayor of Baltimore and ex-governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, decided to slam for the shooting:

Got that? It’s Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the NRA’s fault that this guy with a history of mental illness legally obtained a gun in the gun control utopia of Maryland (Baltimore area) and brought it to Florida to kill people in another kind of area liberals love to create: Gun free zones.

O’Malley’s now the frontrunner for the Shameless Lib Asshole of the 2018 award, but the year is young.

Author: Doug Powers

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