Journalistic malpractice update: Kavanaugh ‘bombshells’ put last shred of media credibility on ice

They can’t stop validating Trump’s media slams

Thanks to Sen. Jeff Flake, the Dems and mainstream media (pardon the redundancy) have an extra week to extend their three-ring circus into a surreal and full-blown clown show. What started as an allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted somebody when he was in school has turned into this embarrassing show of desperation:

And of course you can always count on the rest of the “media” to jump in and help fling crap like that everywhere:

And by the way, the “reporter” who dug up that story the Times published is a card-carrying liberal Kavanaugh hater who said this back in July:

In a statement, the New York Times stood by the story, saying the information she reported was a matter of public record. They just don’t see the problem, do they? And that’s the whole problem. The Times is basically publishing stories that are indistinguishable from DNC press releases and they don’t think that’s an issue.

The MSM just can’t stop helping not only validate Trump’s slams on the press, but beg for them.

Mitch McConnell is right to mercilessly mock the media’s no-shame approach (they’ve gotten even better at it since the election of Trump):

NBC News put yet another nail in the coffin of MSM credibility by interviewing people with claims they can’t — and probably barely even tried — to verify:

If somebody came along with allegations like that against a prominent liberal there’s ZERO chance the person would get interview air time. But Michael Avenatti certainly appreciates the media’s willingness to commit journalistic malpractice.

Author: Doug Powers

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