LOL-a-Palooza: Bill & Hillary Clinton going on arena tour, will skip Wisconsin (again)

Special seating for “deplorables”?

This will probably be the most time Bill and Hillary have spent together since Bubba spent an entire afternoon trying to explain to his wife why the smell of pizza always caused him to remove his pants:

Former President Bill Clinton and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will tour the country in 2018 and 2019 for a “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history,” according to tour producer Live Nation.

Oh great, there will be more embellished old stories than you’d hear on ten episodes of Antiques Roadshow.

Fittingly enough, so far Wisconsin is not on the tour schedule:

The tour will begin in Las Vegas on Nov. 18 and move on to states that include Texas, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington, and California. The tour wraps up in May of 2019, around the time 2020 presidential campaigns will kick off.

Since losing the presidency in November 2016, Clinton has continued to speak out against her opponent, President Donald Trump. At the Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C., last week, she criticized Trump and his voters as racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, and Islamaphobic.

The contract rider containing the list of questions attendees are NOT allowed to ask the Clintons is going to be thicker than War & Peace.

No word yet on if there will be a special seating section for “deplorables.”

In related news, I ran across this flashback today and it’s pretty damn funny considering how Hillary’s behaved since she lost:

Author: Doug Powers

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  1. Still wondering why POTUS has not gone after her for her crimes. It’s not just Sessions’ failure as AG keeping her from being prosecuted. She’s got something big she’s holding over Trump’s head or something that will hurt this country if it gets out.

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