Beyond parody: NY Mag’s article on why some young people won’t vote is a real knee-slapper

New York Magazine has a feature on 12 young people with reasons they “probably won’t vote.” On Twitter I broke down some of the reasons, and some of it could well have come straight from The Onion:

Mailing stuff “gives me anxiety.” Well, we had a good run, America. But maybe the socialists could help:

Also, the country really needs to have a national conversation about how the mail works:

You’ve heard of voter suppression — I give you “voter suppression suppression”:

Who’s up for some millennial dichotomy?

But in the end, the intent of this was not to dump on people who are NOT voting for whatever reason:

Uninformed people voting for other reasons (whether it’s being coaxed or because Tom Hanks offered them a donut) are a far bigger issue.

Author: Doug Powers

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