CNN sues Trump admin to restore Jim Acosta’s First Amendment right to grandstand during White House briefings

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Last week, after this scene, the White House pulled the hard pass from CNN’s Chief Resistance Reporter Jim Acosta:

And with that, CNN wrapped Acosta up in a Snuggie made out of copies of the Constitution and filed a lawsuit:

So if I’m understanding the liberal arguments about the Constitution correctly, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to modern firearms because it was written with muskets in mind, but the First Amendment protects a drama queen cable net reporter from getting kicked out of the White House?

And by the way, Acosta has proven that he doesn’t need a White House pass to keep covering Trump:

I’m guessing the real reason Acosta wants his WH press credentials un-revoked is so CNN can get back to showing more of what Acosta thinks is the important story: Jim Acosta.

Also, CNN gets the vapors when Trump calls them “fake news,” but in their own lawsuit CNN proved why they’ve earned the title:

MORE lies from CNN? Go figure.

In any case, it could be hilarious if this all ended up in court:

Author: Doug Powers

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