Global warming alarmists pissed off by Canadian gov’t report that nukes their narrative about polar bears


It seems that reality isn’t cooperating with one of the “we’re all gonna die from man-made climate change” crowd’s most cherished talking points, and they’re not liking it:

Polar bear numbers are so high they threaten native Inuit populations, a controversial Canadian government report has found.

The animals, which have become one of the enduring symbols of the environmental cause, are growing in such numbers that they cannot currently safely co-exist with humans in northern Canada, the report suggested.

But the findings have been bitterly contested by environmental scientists who say that climate change has simply pushed the bears closer to humans as they search for food.
Wildlife experts often use images of emaciated polar bears to show how habitats are coming under threat due to ice shrinking and sea levels rising.

For example just a few months ago footage emerged of a polar bear prowling around on thin ice in the Nunavut territory in the northernmost region in Canada.

Wildlife experts said that the photos showed how the polar bears’ habitat is coming under threat due to human-induced global warming.

However, a new report, drafted by the Nunavut government completely contracts these widely-held claims about declining populations.

The draft report, which is set to be published by the end of this year, claims that polar bear populations are much higher than scientists estimated – and are actually increasing.

If nothing changes the global warming alarmists might find themselves left with no choice but to go up there and start knocking off some polar bears so real life more closely matches their narrative.

Author: Doug Powers

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