Quintessential Obama: Americans unwilling to take steps on climate change because of their ‘hate, anger, racism and mommy issues’

More like “projection”

I’m not even quite sure what to make of this, except that the president who pledged to “fundamentally transform America” in 2008 didn’t quite get the job done and seems a but, er, frustrated:

Anybody want to do the psychology homework behind why he connected people who don’t want to waste money on any more “green jobs” shams that were prevalent during Obama’s presidency and why that amounts to “mommy issues”? Paging Dr. Freud! It isn’t hard to see why Hillary thought that “basket of deplorables” comment would help propel her to the White House — that kind of thing worked for Obama.

I’m going to go ahead and diagnose Obama with a big case of old-fashioned, garden variety “projection.”

Author: Doug Powers

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