The very first Dem 2020 debate just took place, and it was Kamala Harris vs. Kamala Harris on eliminating private health insurance

Where have we heard THIS before?

Here’s the first Democrat debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season, and the two debaters are Kamala Harris, and Kamala Harris.

Harris supports trashing all private health insurance plans:

Meanwhile, Harris on the other hand, argued that private health insurance plans could remain an option:

Confirmed: Somebody did some overnight polling and backpedaled faster than a bicyclyst with broken brake cables careening down San Francisco’s Filbert Street.

As for Harris’ fresh CYA spin about private insurance policies, Obama’s no longer in office, but already we’re back to “if you like your plan, you can keep it.”


It’s clear what really caused the Harris campaign to backpedal: She accidentally said out loud what the libs’ true intentions are, and other Dems were freaked out:

Pass the popcorn.

Author: Doug Powers

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