Guy whose memes misled some voters in 2016 is going to jail; FBI lawyer who falsified document to obtain FISA warrant on Carter Page gets light slap on wrist

It’s safe to say that the Deep State has won and the fix has been in for some time now.

Remember the guy with tens of thousands of social media followers who faces jail time after being arrested by the Justice Department for circulating a meme in 2016 telling people they could vote for Hillary Clinton via text message? That guy’s likely going to jail.

Meanwhile, the person who falsified a document so the FBI could get a FISA warrant on Carter Page to help the Democrats make it look like Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election is now almost totally off the hook — he got a slap on the wrist at best:

And check out this load of BS from the judge:

Clinesmith obtained no real personal benefit from his actions and had no active intent to harm, the judge also noted.

“My view of the evidence is that Mr. Clinesmith likely believed that what he said about Dr. Page was true,” Boasberg said.

“He was saving himself some work taking an inappropriate shortcut,” but didn’t intend to give wrong information about Page, the judge added.

OK, now imagine a federal judge giving that sort of benefit of the doubt to somebody who did something illegal that helped Trump. You can’t — and that’s the problem. It’s a huge problem.

Author: Doug Powers

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