Pro-gun-control Dem state rep is a LOCK to take home Connecticut’s ‘Ammunition Salesperson of the Year’ trophy

The tendency of certain liberal wannabe fascists over what you do and don’t “need” continues, this time from a completely clueless Connecticut state senator:

Either she’s getting a commission on all the ammunition sales that kind of talk from a politician results in, or she’s a total idiot. I know which option my money is on.

Gilchrest is obviously decided that I only need a certain amount of bullets or shotgun shells to defend my home — and that’s provided I don’t do what any responsible gun owner does, and that is go out and practice shooting so you actually know what the f**k you’re doing, unlike progressive politicians. And have you noticed that the Democrats’ concern about how thing unfairly “impact the poor” doesn’t extend to their right to defend themselves, not to mention their 2nd Amendment rights?

Democrat ‘priorities’ in a nutshell, courtesy of Va. lawmaker Kathy Tran

This sums it ALL up

There really are no words:

The funny thing about radical lefties like Tran is that they probably don’t see any issue with this:

Tran came under fire Tuesday for her support of legislation that would allow an abortion to be performed just moments before the birth of a child.
Tran’s other piece of legislation aims to protect insects such as “gypsy moths” and “cankerworms.”

According to Virginia’s Legislative Information System, House Bill No. 2495 is:

A BILL to amend and reenact § 15.2-2403 of the Code of Virginia and to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of Title 15.2 a section numbered 15.2-926.4, relating to cankerworms; eradication; prohibition on spraying during certain months.

Yep, she’s get her “priorities” alright.

Elizabeth Warren 2020 — Eliminate nasty weather via massive wealth transfer? YES WE CAN!

Embarrassingly condescending

Polar vortexes have been areas over the earth’s poles for almost as long as there’s been an earth. The term “polar vortex” was first used to describe the atmospheric low-pressure areas as far back as 1853. So naturally lefties like Elizabeth Warren are trying to tie the age-old occurrence to man-made climate change, pledging to get rid of it if only we transfer a few trillion dollars of wealth to liberal schemes under the guise of “saving the planet.” Vote for Elizabeth Warren in 2020 if you want to end the modern scourge of weather:

What a condescending embarrassment.

But for now it’s not totally clear that Warren’s decided to commit to the 2020 race, which is what this is all about:

Gee, I sure hope she runs and wins so this polar vortex goes away!

The very first Dem 2020 debate just took place, and it was Kamala Harris vs. Kamala Harris on eliminating private health insurance

Where have we heard THIS before?

Here’s the first Democrat debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season, and the two debaters are Kamala Harris, and Kamala Harris.

Harris supports trashing all private health insurance plans:

Meanwhile, Harris on the other hand, argued that private health insurance plans could remain an option:

Confirmed: Somebody did some overnight polling and backpedaled faster than a bicyclyst with broken brake cables careening down San Francisco’s Filbert Street.

As for Harris’ fresh CYA spin about private insurance policies, Obama’s no longer in office, but already we’re back to “if you like your plan, you can keep it.”


It’s clear what really caused the Harris campaign to backpedal: She accidentally said out loud what the libs’ true intentions are, and other Dems were freaked out:

Pass the popcorn.

Straw & Order: Special Food Court Unit! WaPo reporter goes ‘on patrol with the enforcer of DC’s plastic straw ban’


I don’t know about you, but I’m smelling a PULITZER with this one:

This is a TV cop show that’s begging to be made! Suggested titles:

Straw & Order: Special Food Court Unit
Columbo Got Demoted
K Street Blues
Strawsky & Hutch

Or maybe the show’s title should be “The Counterproductivity Cops”:

On the first day the law took effect, a Starbucks store downtown threw away large bags filled with straws, a move that seemed to defeat the purpose of the ban.

Gee, do ya think so?

Imagine how much less polluted the world would be if liberals weren’t aggressively trying to save the planet.

Perfect: Elizabeth Warren uses owner of Washington Redskins as the face of her ‘Class Envy We Can Believe In’ campaign

Oh, and speaking of student debt…

Elizabeth Warren’s settled on a 2020 campaign slogan: Class Envy We Can Believe In!

I don’t know what’s more ironic — Dances With Identity Fraud and her “possibly 1/1024th Native American ancestry” wanting to confiscate the wealth of the Washington Redskins owner or the former Harvard prof who made a lot of money off incredibly high tuitions sounding the alarm about the level of student debt in the country.

If there isn’t man-made climate change before the Davos meetings, there will be after

They don’t believe their own BS

A bunch of climate change alarmists are meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week, and they’re more determined than ever to personally melt the polar ice caps to prove their point:

If these people try and “save the world” much longer we’re all going to choke to death on their fumes:

Political and business leaders and lobbyists are opting for bigger, more expensive aircrafts, according to analysis by the Air Charter Service, which found the number of private jet flights grew by 11% last year.

“There appears to be a trend towards larger aircraft, with expensive heavy jets the aircraft of choice, with Gulfstream GVs and Global Expresses both being used more than 100 times each last year,” said Andy Christie, private jets director at the ACS.

But the rest of us are supposed to change our diets to lawn clippings and tofu and give up fossil fuels because there’s a “planetary emergency,” or something. They don’t even believe their own BS.

Perfect: Super-rich guy who donated $100 million to Democrats in 2018 slams Dems for accepting big money donations


In Annapolis on Tuesday night, Michael Bloomberg let some Democrats have it for being influenced by “big money”:

As it turns out, that’s a big like McDonalds criticizing America’s appetite for hamburgers:

Bloomberg reportedly exceeded expectations and dropped about $100 million to get Democrats elected last year, but maybe he wasn’t expecting the d-bags to actually accept it. Pass the smelling salts!

Once again, it’s settled: Bloomberg’s a massive hypocrite — from guns to climate change to political donations, the guy’s one of the wealthiest “say one thing and do another” clowns in the whole world.

Why Politifact has become a joke, part 5,834

Stanley doesn’t make a tape measure long enough to measure the lengths some fact checkers will go to in order to avoid admitting Trump’s correct about something. Here’s another example:

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what your definition of “mostly false” is:

Politifact got it right by making Obama’s “if you like your plan you can keep it” their Lie of the Year in 2013, their misses far outnumber their hits, which isn’t exactly what I look for in a trusty “fact-checker.”

What a, uh, surprise: Here’s how NYC’s minimum wage increase that kicked in 3 weeks ago is ‘helping’ workers


In New York City on the first of this month, the Big Apple’s new minimum wage law kicked in that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and others are trying to take to the national level:

How’s that going for workers in NYC? From CBS News (via Legal Insurrection):

The legal minimum wage for New York City employers with 11 or more workers rose more than 15 percent on Dec. 31, 2018, to $15 per hour from $13, giving fast-food, retail and other employees a bump in pay. But some New York City restaurant owners say the latest minimum wage hike is forcing them to cut workers’ hours just to stay afloat.

It’s the third rise in the city’s base wage since Dec. 31, 2016, when it went to $11 an hour. The latest increase is part of a plan that phases in minimum wage hikes across New York state, with amounts and effective dates varying by region and industry. It’s not just a New York phenomenon, however: Minimum wages rose in 20 states with the new year, forcing businesses across the country to grapple with higher payrolls — and compete for workers with giants like Amazon that are already offering $15 an hour.

Jon Bloostein operates six New York City restaurants that employ between 50 and 110 people each. The owner of Heartland Brewery and Houston Hall, Bloostein said the effect of the higher minimum wage on payroll across locations represents “an immense cost” to his business.

“We lost control of our largest controllable expense,” he told CBS MoneyWatch. “So in order to live with that and stay in business, we’re cutting hours.”
A New York City Hospitality Alliance survey of 574 restaurants showed that 75 percent of full-service restaurants reported plans to reduce employee hours this year in response to the latest mandated wage increase. Another 47 percent said they would eliminate jobs in 2019. Eighty-seven percent of respondents also said they would increase menu prices this year.

Also, hosts and hostesses are being replaced by signs:

Bloostein said he has scaled back on employee hours and no longer uses hosts and hostesses during lunch on light traffic days. Customers instead are greeted with a sign that reads, “Kindly select a table.” He also staggers employees’ start times. “These fewer hours add up to a lot of money in restaurants,” he said.

As if anybody needed more proof that if progressives are allowed to “help” workers much longer, nobody will have a job.