Remember To Yell ‘Benghazi’ — Preferably When Someone Scores in Basketball

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

In his second term, Obama is fearless. When the news came out that the administration had threatened the witnesses of Benghazi against testifying — hindering all requested lawyer representation — Obama immediately called a press conference, and looked down at his notes and asked himself the question he wanted asked. That question was from a loyal reporter whose worried face expressed caring and devotion to the man who had just called and congratulated a gay and black basketball player for coming out and admitting in this world of religious zealots that… he was gay. (I say, let’s reward him by sending him to Benghazi!)

The reporter wanted to know — amidst all the latest stories about the Boston Bombing — what would this do to Obama’s agenda? As if Obama’s agenda was the most important thing to happen to the world since… the birth of Obama.

And to that, Obama talked forever about how all his wonderful programs were going to come, and if we were not graced by them, it was because the Republicans were holding his greatness back.

Obama quoted Mark Twain: “The news of my demise has been exaggerated.” (To that Mark Twain would say: “Too bad.”)

Clearly, Obama and Hillary Clinton left the people in Benghazi to die. Neither one of them tried to save them. In fact, they set them up for it by not addressing the many letters sent to them saying: “We’re going to die here! HELP!”

I suggest we all stand around at Starbucks and just yell “I want a latte with a double squirt of caramel and… Benghazi!”

Or, when we go to a movie, yell in the dark right before the credits roll: “Benghazi!”

How about in the bathroom of the local Home Depot: If you are shy, while in your stall, just yell “Benghazi” until everyone leaves. It’s also important that we keep the memory alive in the general population. In fact, be brave. Go down to your local police station and yell “Benghazi!” Be sure to have your best running shoes on.

Because if we don’t, we will only see more of this:

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Update (DP): Related to Joyanna’s post, here’s Jay Carney today saying Benghazi happened “a long time ago.” Try saying that to the faces of the family members, Jay.

Chelsea Clinton: A Stanford Education and She is Talking to a Lizard

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Think about this: You’re the most well-known people in the world. You are the President and First Lady of the United States, and every single newspaper, magazine, reporter, or movie star would LOVE to be the first people to ask your one and only cute little child a question.

But no one ever did. In fact, while Chelsea Clinton had more written about her than any other American President’s child, nobody ever heard her talk.

Clinton family

We heard John-John. We laughed at little Amy Carter. But not… Chelsea. In fact, I don’t remember her making a complete sentence anywhere until her mother ran for President in 2012.

Now that’s power.

Personally, I used to really wonder: Did Chelsea stutter? Did they want to wait until she got the plastic surgery so her feelings would not be hurt? Why was George H. W. Bush always treating her with such sympathetic pats on the back? Was she somehow mentally challenged and they didn’t want it getting out? Were both parents afraid that Chelsea would say something like, “My mom says my dad is a real sexual pig and she burned his cigar box the other day, and I think Vince Foster is really my daddy”?

Well now, it’s official. Chelsea has been given permission to talk… to a lizard, because since her big debut on NBC as a ‘reporter’ nobody seems to really care if she is talking. After all… we are all used to her not saying a word, why care now?

Still… somebody with THIS education… is talking to a lizard.

From Wikipedia:

Clinton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, during her father’s first term as Governor of Arkansas. She attended public schools there until her father’s election to the Presidency of the United States at which time she attended and graduated from the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. She pursued her undergraduate education at Stanford University and also earned master’s degrees from University College, Oxford, and Columbia University‘s Mailman School of Public Health. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at University of Oxford. She has worked for McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group, New York University and serves on the board of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Weill Cornell Medical College and IAC/InterActiveCorp.[2][3]

Gee… I’d say the Clintons didn’t get their money’s worth. Oxford? Stanford? (Did she go for free, we might ask?)

Obviously Chelsea had been groomed to be the first woman President if Hillary happens to miss it next time around. In the meantime, there has been a big blitz to get her out in the public eye… because she is just there to be a dear, sweet, public servant like her mom and dad, and help the poor women all over the world… starting with the Girl Scouts (who are being “helped” by Planned Parenthood).

Yes, Chelsea is taking up Obama’s cause for women. She says this in an article at the Huffington Post:

Lost potential especially abounds in the asymmetrical landscape of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In 2009, 57 percent of college students were women — an explosion few could have imagined in 1970, when less than 27 percent of female high school graduates enrolled in college. And while we make up almost half of the American workforce, we hold less than 25 percent of STEM jobs.

Chelsea doesn’t understand that woman have the kids… and if they can even afford those degrees, nine times out of ten, they marry men who make a good salary, who they met on the job or in college, and dropped out to raise kids.

The video above says it all. Is Chelsea the kind to stay home, have kids, and bake cookies? Or will she be like her famous mother and fly around the world on other’s people’s money, while her husband stays at home and has fun with the maid?

Bake cookies? I think NOT. Chelsea and her husband have a $10 million dollar condo in New York. It’s only a matter of time when we see her on the cover of TIME.

If mom and dad still have that same power, we will only see more of the once silent daughter of the most powerful couple on the planet.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Obama Ducks the Dynasty of the Liberal Press for Hollywood

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

If you actually tortured yourself (as I did ) and watched the White House Correspondents Dinner on TV last Saturday night…maybe, like me, you felt sorry for Conan O’Brien. He bombed so bad that I wanted to hand him a Cherry Slurpie, some Kleenex, and give him lifetime tickets to a Lakers game.

Conan had the misfortune of following Obama, who had much better joke writers who cleverly wrote jokes where Obama could be nasty to just about everyone who annoys him, which is, besides Congress and the GOP, practically the whole media and internet class.

Since nobody is watching the liberal networks anymore, it’s obvious,—Obama feels betrayed.

Obama in white

Obama is making changes. Clearly, the boys he has picked to get his message out and make him into the perfect image he prefers, is Hollywood. He is so done with the press. So — much to the irritation of Tom Brokaw, he invited more of Hollywood to the party.

Steven Spielberg made a rather lame short clip to promote Obama as a sweet and lovable guy.

Kevin Spacey made a clip that… you got me.

It’s filled with insider jokes only Washington would understand. You tell me what he was saying here, besides Congressmen are arrogant:

Tom Brokaw makes a good point: Is it right that the likes of Lindsey Lohan, Barbara Streisand, and Spielberg, should be coming to a press dinner… once traditionally held for the elite of the newsprint?

For Obama it’s a no-brainer: the liberals need Hollywood much more than CNN or MSNBC, because FOX is beating them all. Obama needs to transform America, and all his liberal networks are not getting the job done to his liking, so in some very painful jokes, he reminded them how bad they really are doing. Obama didn’t stop with FOX, he insulted MSNBC, CNN, NBC, and Conan O’Brian.

Which is probably why Conan couldn’t function when he got up to the mic. Conan immediately started rushing his jokes, and picking up a gavel like a little kid trying to please his mom… he was still reeling emotionally from Obama’s sharp putdowns. You could see it on his face.

Comedian Conan O'Brien smashes a gavel as he speaks

From Deadline Hollywood:

Obama got in the nastiest media dig. Noting that CNN has “taken some knocks” – because of errors during reporting on the Boston Marathon bombings –  he said, “Fact is I admire their commitment to cover all sides of a story – just in case one of them happens to be accurate.” Obama even stabbed his liberal media cronies. He said saying seeing David Axelrod going to work for MSNBC was “a nice change of pace since MSNBC used to work for David Axelrod”.

If you watched C-Span, you watched Michelle Obama give the journalist scholarships out to all women. And uh… two or three Chinese guys. And they all were inspired by Rachael Maddow.

Nothing like stacking the deck for future liberal media bias. The real Duck Dynasty was being hatched before my unbelieving eyes, and it seems the conservatives were the only ones donating to their own downfall.


What was brilliant about Obama’s speech is that he made fun of all the things the conservatives have been on him about: Having forged his birth certificate; History channel portraying him as the devil; The fact that he was a big dope smoker in college (which he bragged about)…. yes, he was ridiculing all reports that any of these were actually true.

It’s an old trick all politicians use to deny and hide their crimes: “What, you think I would actually do that? Ha!”

“I know Republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012,” the president began. “But one thing they all agree on is that they need to do a better job of reaching out to minorities. Look, call me self-centered, but I can think of one minority they can start with — hello.”

Once again insinuating they don’t like him because he’s black. And my personal favorite:

“I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be,” the president remarked.

He got that right, he is the much older Muslim Socialist now.

On C-SPAN, as I watched the audience leave, I was amazed. It was mostly very white and very, VERY rich people whose faces all adored the black man they had put into office. Every face was glued to the man on the podium as if they were watching a hippo climb up a rainbow with roller skates on.

It was depressingly clear that they were so proud of themselves for picking a black man who, in Biden’s words…

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” — Joe Biden on Barack Obama

To them, — a rare black man that actually talks. That’s a story book, baby.

That’s Hollywood. Just wait ’til you see the movie.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

What Would ‘Ronnie’ Say?

Note from Doug: Joyanna’s still getting things back together after a tornado took a nasty stroll through her neighborhood, but I noticed she had this post in the que from a day or two ago…

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

'Promised Land' film premiere, 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany - 08 Feb 2013

Just when you thought Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher couldn’t be beat, we now have a new famous liberal lady (Jane Fonda) playing another famous conservative lady (Nancy Reagan), which is because there are no liberal women out there besides Hillary Clinton to make movies about.

Nobody would pay to see them.

 Jane Fonda has a flip, three-word response to people outraged at her casting as Nancy Reagan in a new Hollywood movie — “Get a life.”

“I might not have always agreed with Nancy Reagan, but I admire her, and I’d never try to insert my views when playing her. I tried to be who she was: a forceful, loyal, powerful first lady.’’

Why are these liberal ladies making movies about famous conservative woman? For the same reason that liberals make movies where there are nothing but violent gun fights…and they hate guns:

They need the money.

When I read that Jane Fonda said, “Get a life.” it’s exactly what I think every single time somebody brings up the fact that blacks were slaves and white people are still guilty.

In fact, on FOX’s “The FIVE” today, everyone was gushing over the song “Accidental Racist” just released by Brad Paisley ad LL J.

Really? We are still talking about slavery?

In the words of Jane Fonda who wants everyone to forget that she was a moron during the sixties:

I think the entire liberal media should just…”Get a life.”

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Obama’s Budget… Economics 666

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Hey, better late than never. Remember when Obama said he would never touch the middle-class? And then one day you opened your middle-class paycheck and Obama did take your money?

Kris 79

Well, look out: He’s saying it again. After a budget in both house were already in the bag, Obama decided to dictate what he wanted to do..uh…yeah, take more of your money. But trust him, he would never hurt the middle-class. The “middle’ class, if you haven’t figured it out yet, are all those people who are collecting government paychecks. Once again, it’s all in what you think the word “is” means.

Here’s some stuff from an excellent summary from Federal Eye at the Washington Post …the opinions in the parentheses are mine, and that’s all they are: smart-aleck opinions. Please…feel free to add your own.

Agriculture: Obama wants to eliminate direct payments to farmers, which accounted for about 44 percent of farm aid in fiscal 2011. (More small farmers will be decimated.)

Commerce Department: The president is seeking a 5 percent increase to the Commerce budget, to $8 billion. (It’s where Presidents help out the big CEO boys and go around Congress.)

Defense Department: Commissions to take on the controversial tasks of reducing or closing military bases and updating military retirement programs. (Reduce the military, of course.)

Education Department: For education, President Obama hopes to increase spending to $69.8 billion in 2013, which is 2.5 percent more than the current budget of $68.1 billion. (More college students, means more liberal brainwashing.)

Energy Department: The new budget proposal would raise funding for the Energy Department by 3.2 percent to $27.2 billion, boosting money for clean energy, research and development, and advanced manufacturing. (Here we go again, algae anyone?)

Health and Human Services: This includes assisting states with developing the complex technical infrastructure needed to set up the law’s “exchanges” — or state-based marketplaces through which individuals and small businesses will be able to purchase private health insurance with federal subsidies beginning in 2014. (Big Brother databases cost lots of money)

Intelligence: President Obama’s proposed fiscal 2013 budget contains $52.6 billion to fund the National Intelligence Agency. (Drones?)

Interior: The proposed White House budget would slash $200 million from a Department of the Interior program that helps six states with offshore oil and gas development — Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Alaska and Alabama. (We will NOT be energy depended)

Justice Department: President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget proposes $36.5 billion in spending for the Justice Department, an increase of $1.9 billion from the previous year. (This needs no comment…they don’t prosecute criminals, just the little guy with guns.)

State Department: The State Department would receive a modest boost in revenue, in part to offset costs for increased responsibilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.(We are paying them to train future terrorists, that’s important.)

Transportation: Mandatory and discretionary federal transportation funding would climb about 2 percent, or by $1.4 billion from the previous year, with major investments in highways and public transportation (You people HAVE to get out of those gas guzzlers.)

Treasury Department: The Obama administration proposed Monday increasing the Treasury Department’s budget to $14 billion, an increase of nearly 7 percent over its 2012 budget, with new funding directed toward enforcing the nation’s tax laws. (The IRS now has to collect Obamacare.)

Social Security: Wait… Federal Eye does not go into Social Security, (It’s the Washington Post, what do you expect?) but guess what, middle-class loonies? Obama is going to cut your SS check.

Was Paul Ryan right all you liberal duckcakes? Could it be that it’s actually Obama pushing granny off the cliff?

It will be interesting to see… what gets past.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

It’s Only Illegal if You’re a Republican

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Ashley Judd, who was convinced by the democratic party to run against that gun-filibusting enemy of Obama, Mitch McConnell, for his Senate seat, changed her mind about running for his office. Evidently she quit because she found out what they were going to say about her.

Yahoo News: Sen. Mitch McConnell was prepared to go after Ashley Judd as “emotionally unbalanced,” according to secret tapes of the Republican’s strategy session, but the release of those tapes have prompted an FBI investigation into who bugged the senator’s office, his campaign said today.

The tape of the Feb. 2 strategy session — released by Mother Jones magazine — recorded McConnell and his aides devising tactics for discrediting actress Ashley Judd who at the time was widely expected to enter the U.S. Senate race to take on McConnell. She has since decide to not run for office.

But while Judd was mulling the race, McConnell’s staff was strategizing that the best way to hurt her candidacy would be to highlight her past struggles with depression and her religious views, according to the tapes.

Religious views? She has religious views?

Nobody will mention the fact that Jimmy Carter’s grandson clandestinely videotaped Mitt Romney saying he wasn’t concerned about the 47 percent that were not going to vote for him, and how they used that tape to help Obama win the election (another Mother Jones special). They sliced and diced it, and put it out as Mitt didn’t give a hoot about the “poor” minorities.

Now poor Ms. Judd will be victim of hated political abuse… as if, the democrats have never trashed anyone.

As a side note: Using entertainers as surrogate representatives seems to be the new Democrat plan. Dennis Rodman gets sent to North Korea, Beyonce gets sent to Cuba… Ashley Judd wants to be a senator. So, when is Ben Affleck moving to New Hampshire?

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

It Takes a Warped Village to Raise An Idiot

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

(Warning: A few mild notably not-so-nice choice words.)

Oh…hell no. The Marxist agenda is being rushed….as if they don’t have much time left. What did we just hear here from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, a woman who is a smart as she can be….unfortunately: Kids don’t belong to the parents?

You did not build that kid. You did NOT get up in the middle of the night and warm that baby bottle. You did not clean the puke off the wall when they threw up at your brother’s house. In fact, you have done such a lousy job being a parent, your kids can’t even keep up in recycling class. If only you had taken Hillary Clinton’s great advice from her book, It Takes a Village. we would already have all the children in day-care centers right after birth, and mamma could go back to her career-building socialist job. (Hillary so admired the French state run baby incubators in her progressive propaganda “get the children young” book.)  If we don’t get those babies into state day care centers right away, and hire more teachers, Bill Gates won’t be able to start monitoring them for the great state social engineering little obedient Marxists agenda. You people need to give up your children. All you need to do is have sex — let us do the rest. We need to wire them to the internet, hook their brains up with implants, so that we can just download all the Marxist information with the click of a mouse. Al Gore is getting impatient.

How well is that going to go? The teachers are all excited about getting new jobs as babysitters, and they’ve done a great job educating our kids up to this point haven’t they?

I hate to gossip here, (apologies to Mr. Powers) but damn it…this calls for an example. I personally know a ‘teacher’. She was teaching sixth grade English, and one day I found out during a conversation at lunch that she didn’t had never heard of The Raven.

“Who?” she said.

“You mean you have a degree in English literature and you have never heard of Edgar Allen Poe?”

“No” she said.

Okay, that was 12 years ago, and I just talked to her again. I hadn’t touched base with her all that time.

She was so excited because she had just gotten her Masters’ degree in Computer Science, and she was the head librarian, no longer teaching. She was so proud that her school was one of the first to go to all I-Pads. As we continue to talk, I asked her to send me pictures of her daughter (from a sperm clinic) and she paused…

“Uh…I don’t have any pictures…just videos.” she said.

“So send me some videos.” I said.

“I’ve never done that.”

“Jesus woman — you have a Masters’ degree in Computer Science, and you don’t know how to send a video over the internet?”

This isn’t the blind leading the blind. It’s worse. It’s the deranged leading the innocents to one day all be connected to an internet via an implant in their brain, connected to their iPad, and if ever hit by a solar flare, humanity would instantly crash.

Who will pay Medicare then?

If you let the state get hold of your kids before they reach the age of five, you might as well concentrate on getting all your future love from the family pet, because if the state raises your kids, your dogs will be smarter.

That ‘village’ is warped: Proof is everywhere.  Please. Somebody check Harris-Perry’s chip.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Play Golf…

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

“Fear is the foundation of most governments” – John Adams
Hey… what happened? Kim Jung Minnie-Me and Barak Obama, “Go and ahead and ‘test’ me,” have taken the weekend off. All last week we were on the verge of WWIII, according to some pundits. Should either of them get a break from their important task of scaring their citizens out of their minds? Isn’t that the most important job of both men? Kim Jung makes threatening videos and poses countless hours with his generals. Obama doesn’t need video’s, he has ‘it’s the end of the world’ speech writers and— Nancy Pelosi. I’d say both men so far, have been doing a bang-up job in the “scare the little pion powerless citizen” department.

Despots have a hard job. Kim Jung short

But, despite the endless hours networks have devoted to the subject of Kim Jung Minnie-May saying he is going to destroy America, for the last few days, Obama, has been on the golf course. Who knows what Kim Jung Minnie Moo-Moo is doing this weekend? He’s probably dressing up as a transvestite and singing Elvis songs in front of the only mirror in North Korea, but how would we know? The networks were on weekend North Korean vacation too.

I don’t get it.

As usual, the American people are hearing all kinds of disinformation about North Korea: We should be scared of North Korea—- We should not be scared of North Korea. Kim Jung Uno is just a lot of cream puff talk. He is doing this all for show. Obama is not the least bit concerned, and so that’s why he sent two stealth bombers all the way from Missouri, just to show Kim Jung that he might have some missile launchers, but he doesn’t have one of those babies.

And then the critics say that Obama could start WWIII by given Kim Jung Mini-Me an excuse to set off a nuke, because Obama threatened him with stealth bombers. And so, just like he had to apologize for upsetting the feminists about saying some woman was hot, he had to reel down U.S. threats. Therefore, Obama has decided to not participate in upcoming war games. Critics said: Obama got too aggressive and messed up. Better to say that, than to admit that sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea was not exactly his finest moment. (He has yet to have one, but we can hope.)

In the meantime, we have 30,000 soldiers as sitting ducks over there, wondering why Obama gets to play golf every other day.

So, this is a show of whose got the bigger gun?Obama playing golf

Experts on the one side say we should take this seriously. Kim Jung Un has the capability to sent an EMP over the middle of the U.S., and none of our politicians are spending any money on our infrastructure to show up our electrical grid. Nope…the money is going to movies and zombie training so that when it happens, we’ll all know how to survive the shock.  Revolution, Zombie Apocalypse, Defiance, Red Dawn, Olympus Rising…the U.S. ends every other day…just pick your channel.

On a logical note: Wouldn’t Russia, China, and Iran like to see the U.S. destroyed? And helping some tiny punk do the bidding would excuse them from taking the blame.

Obama in the meantime, has a difficulty for every solution: When the going gets tough, the ‘tough’ go and play golf.

In the meantime, everyone is saying we just have to make it to April 11.

So— will we all live another day to play golf? Not sure, but I bet you Kim Jong’s spiffy little uniform that Obama has a mini golf course in his bunker.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Would You Scarifice Your Mother for an Undocumented Democrat?

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

We didn’t have to wait till 2014 for the State to start killing off those indefatigable, cranky old baby-boomers, the doctors are starting to turn away cancer victims:

 Drudge: Cancer clinics across the country have begun turning away thousands of Medicare patients, blaming the sequester budget cuts.

Oncologists say the reduced funding, which took effect for Medicare on April 1, makes it impossible to administer expensive chemotherapy drugs while staying afloat financially.

Never mind that the sequester was Obama’s idea. Obamacare was also his idea, and its coming in faster than we thought:

FORBES: There are 600,000 physicians in America who care for the 48 million seniors on Medicare. Of the $716 billion that the Affordable Care Act cuts from the program over the next ten years, the largest chunk—$415 billion—comes from slashing Medicare’s reimbursement rates to hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors. This significant reduction in fees is driving many doctors to stop accepting new Medicare patients, making it harder for seniors to gain access to needed care

Yes, the old must die and make room for those young..undocumented Democrats…but hey! They’ve known this for some time now. I remember, back in April of 2001, my  mother had a stroke, and was lying in a coma…in the emergency room of our local hospital, and my husband and I were talking to 3 neurologists.

death panal

Goldstein: “She’s a vegetable. You can keep her on life support, but she could live another 17 years.”

Me: “But Doctor! I just talked to her! She was upset because some young guy intern  took her clothes off and she said: “I am SO embarrassed. Why are they doing this to me? ”

Dr. Knowitall: “That’s just a reflex. I’ve seen that a million times. Basically she’s brain-dead.”

Me: “How can she be brain-dead and still talk? That sounds just like something she would say. Hey I know my mother…she is not brain-dead. She shakes her head yes and no to every question..she understands everything I say. What are you basing your opinion on?”

Dr. Irons: “Well, I went in there to talk to her, and she didn’t answer me at all. I asked her a question. I told her to lift up her finger and she didn’t do it. That’s the test we always go by.”

Me: “First, she hates doctors. And even I have noticed that she seems to be slipping in and out of a coma. Has it ever occurred to you that she might have been comatose when you were talking to her?”

(Insert: At this time, she had a collapsed lung which she had coming in, (even though we all told everyone she was having trouble breathing….and they didn’t discover it for three days…because she woke up and yelled some choice words to some head nurse weeks later.)

Dr. Goldstien: “Well, I have to advise you to take her off all life support.”

All three doctors agreed.

Me: “No..I can’t agree with you…she is NOT brain-dead. I know my own mother. My father died of a cancerous brain tumor and I took care of him…I know brain-dead when I see it, I took care of him for a year…”.

Dr. Knowitall: “I have to agree with Dr. Goldstein– you can keep her on life support but we can’t tell how long she will live, it could turn out to be very expensive for you.”

ME: (Looking at my husband) “Honey…are we in the twilight zone here? Pinch me..are we really hearing this? No, I want her on life support.”

Silly me. At the time I had thought that it didn’t matter how old you were, if you were still breathing they had to try to save your life until God took you.

My mother lived another 8 months after that, and while she never regained her ability to talk, (except for stupid nursery rhymes which she hated), she remained sharp as a tact until the day she died. Those 8 months were filled with precious memories.  Those three doctors knew she was just comatose, but the hospital would not have gotten much from her Medicare and so it was all about the money. I didn’t realize that then, because I thought she had Medicare Plan B, and AARP extra insurance, unlike all the young blacks they usually had coming to the hospital with no insurance, they would prefer her, because she did have insurance.

Silly me. She was 78. To those doctors it was stupid to keep her alive any longer. Later on, when I saw Jeb Bush refuse to save Terri Schiavo, I knew. Remember? Nobody in Congress would touch that with a ten-foot pole. It was a forewarning of what the Rhino’s and the Democrats wanted for the future. Terri Schiavo was left to starve to death.Terri Schiavo

We either overturn Obamacare, or every single baby-boomer will met the same fate, unless of course, you happen to have parents with great genetic genes.

The only good thing about Obamacare…is that Democrats have mothers too.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Let Me Play Coach…Just Don’t Hit Me!

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Anybody who ever had a child in sports has seen this kind of behavior. What is truly amazing, is that most of the time, I have seen parents do nothing—nothing if they saw their kid being abused, because they don’t want to embarrass their child. Not me. I never put up with bullies of any age.

But…because some smart person filmed this guy and put him on Youtube, he got fired. What’s is even more absurd, is the salary this guy was making. Ridiculous. He has come out and apologized, and seemed sincere, and no doubt will be back at some university coaching again in the near future… but geez. If he does this to his players, can you even imagine what his kids go through?

(CNN) — Rutgers University will pay former basketball coach Mike Rice — fired this week over a video that showed him shoving and berating players — a $100,000 bonus for “longevity” as called for in his contract, Rutgers athletic department spokesman Jason Baum said Thursday. His 2012 salary was $655,470.55, including $300,000 in base pay, according to News 12 New Jersey, which cited public records.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams