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Doug Powers is a Michigan-based writer who is an editor/writer for Townhall Media as well as a blogger, political commentator and extremely frustrated Detroit Lions & Tigers fan. Doug worked in broadcast television for two decades while also providing daily content for many years as a mainstay at Michelle Malkin’s widely read blog. His previous print work has appeared in The Detroit News, Honolulu Advertiser, Washington Times, Lansing State Journal and various other newspapers and magazines around the country, as well as online at the American Spectator. Doug is a co-founder of the non-profit support group, and also authored a book that’s no longer available, so if you missed out, trust him, it was funny.

In his spare time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, sports, writing, reading, speaking in the third person, and running through the zoo screaming “THE LIONS HAVE ESCAPED!”

Doug can be reached via email by writing to

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  1. It wold be GREAT if each post included the date — without having to dig down into the reader view.

    I start my day with Doug’s great observation(s); but dates would be great for those times when I’ve missed a day and have to catch up.

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