Tweet Nothings

If you’re a Twitter user and can’t post this morning, here’s why. Sounds like they’re getting bombarded by some kind of hack attack. I wonder if it’s more than just Twitter, because I’ve been having trouble with several other sites, and the server that hosts my site seems bogged down as well.

Maybe the White House shut the ‘net down temporarily for routine data collection on anti-regime rabble-rousers. /ConspiracyFodder

Malkin’s Book Hits #1 On NYT Bestseller List

Below is Sean Hannity letting everybody know that Michelle Malkin’s book, Culture of Corruption, will debut at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the week of Aug. 16.

I’m thrilled — and not just because the news must have several NY Times staffers pondering leaving their garage doors down the next time they start their cars — but because it’s a great success for a wonderful person on an important subject, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Personally, my favorite part of the book is on page 292, but the entire thing is an informative must-read for anybody concerned about the future of the United States. I’ve categorized the book as “Non-fiction political horror” and it certainly lives up to that bill:

Blog Notes for Next Week, and a Book Pitch

Early last week, Michelle Malkin was good enough to send me an advanced copy of her book that is officially released tomorrow:


Click on the above pic to order a copy from Amazon. It’s a fantastic read in the “non-fiction political horror” genre, and it’s a must-read for everybody who’s concerned about where this country is being taken — and even more of a must-read for those unaware where it’s being taken but who need to be made aware.

And make sure to check out the “Acknowledgements” on page 292 — thanks to Michelle for the nice shout-out.

Anyway, Michelle’s starting the book tour thing Monday-ish, so I’ll be pitching in with guest posts on her blog, so be sure to check here and there for new stuff beginning at some point early next week.

I’ll still post here time permitting, and my regular column will be up at WND tomorrow morning.

As for the remainder of the day, I’m going to be eating KFC, having a couple of beers, and watching the Tigers/White Sox game and hoping Detroit can finish off a sweep of Chicago. Follow along at 8 p.m. on ESPN. (Game update: Crap.)