Kamala Harris rendered speechless after awkward turn of events in Jussie Smollett story

Homina homina homina

After actor Jussie Smollett said he was attacked by two guys in red hats saying “this is MAGA country” while also yelling slurs at him, Kamala Harris was horrified:

Fast-forward about three weeks after some rather interesting turns of events, and what’s Harris saying now? I saw this on TV yesterday and had to rewind it for suitable framing:

Here’s an alternate version of that answer:

This is what Harris said in full, which isn’t much better than the above stammering and stuttering:

Great moments in progressive Hollywood double standards, part 4,205


Well, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court yesterday, and the liberal meltdown make Three Mile Island look like a small engine backfire.

One of the most vocal celebs opposing Kavanaugh has been Alyssa Milano, who says she’s come so far on the issue she’s also prepared to hold Bill Clinton accountable (20 years later):

Anybody buying that? You shouldn’t. Milano tweeted this a few years ago and it was up until just a few days ago, when it magically disappeared:

There are no double standards like progressive double standards!

Hollywood’s latest strategy for turning out the vote: Silent, condescending stares from celebs

Feel shamed enough yet?

If you tried, you couldn’t write a parody of Hollywood condescension like what’s taking place (again) this election season. Fortunately, celebs haven’t learned the lesson that their input is counterproductive, and here’s the latest evidence. Proceed with caution:

Do you feel adequately looked down upon yet? It’ll only get worse in the coming weeks.

Thud: Michael Moore’s anti-Trump ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ stumbles YUGELY out of box office gate

Cue the sad trombone

Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” opened yesterday at 1,719 theaters and barely made over $1 million. Even people as bad at math as I am know that’s a pretty weak haul, even for a documentary. Bombs away!

Gee, it’s almost like people are sick of the anti-Trump theatrics. Moore was hoping to re-create 2004’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” and instead might have ended up making the political documentary equivalent of Waterworld.

Knowing Moore, he’ll use that low box office haul as evidence that Trump’s lying about the great economy.

Here’s the updated soundtrack to “Fahrenheit 11/9”:

Actor’s net worth BEFORE going all-in on ‘share the wealth’ socialism: $150 million — Actor’s net worth AFTER: $150 million

A real-life Dumb & Dumber moment right here

Is there anything funnier than rich liberals sitting around saying there needs to be a “share the wealth” socialism political movement in America. These concerned libs who think the rich aren’t paying their fair share do a lot with their hands while advocating for socialism during these discussions, but reaching for their own checkbooks isn’t one of them. This is a real-life Dumb & Dumber act right here:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carrey’s worth around $150 million bucks. If Carrey and his money moved to Venezuela, that would translate to 37,278,000,000,000 Bolivars, and he could live on that for, well, probably not that long, partly because he’d have to use about half of it for toilet paper. But sure, “say yes to socialism!”

HA! Noted anti-capitalist ‘share the wealth’ crusader who thinks taxes are too low accused by ex-wife of hoarding the money & dodging taxes

You can’t make this stuff up

Why is this so incredibly easy to believe, even though we’re talking about an anti-greed crusader for socialism, “share the wealth” and fairness?

Michael Moore stands firmly opposed to greed so there’s no way this would have happened (pause for laughter):

Documentarian Kathleen Glynn is cranking up the Fahrenheit on her fellow filmmaker-ex husband Michael Moore, hauling him to court for allegedly stiffing her on profits from their movie projects.

Glynn and the “Fahrenheit 9/11” director split in 2014 after 23 years of marriage, and an even longer business partnership.

“She was the driving force in the making of many of [his] films and other ventures in which Mr. Moore was the featured personality, dating back to their first big success, ‘Roger and Me’ (1989),” Glynn’s attorney Bonnie Rabin says in the new Manhattan Supreme Court suit.
He was supposed to pay her 4 percent of total revenue from his creative works — but he gave her just $541 in 2014, the suit says. That means he would have pulled in just $13,525 during a seven-month period, according to court papers.

And the best part? This is another thing the “rich don’t pay their fair share” lefty has been accused of:

And Glynn’s not buying the amount of income Moore reported to the IRS — negative $350,862 in 2014 and negative $221,025 in 2016.

What makes this all so totally believable is the sheer hypocrisy of it all, and Moore is no stranger to hypocrisy.

‘First Man’ actor & director wanted Apollo 11 film to ‘reflect Neil’ Armstrong, except for that one historic moment

Go figure

When it comes to Hollywood’s depiction of awful moments in American history, they might defend themselves showing all the gruesome details on the screen by saying “it’s important and the full story needs to be told.” But when America leads the way in one of the greatest achievements in human history, there’s plenty of space on the cutting room floor for scenes that might drive that point home. But the reason given for why one of the most iconic moments in history wasn’t depicted in a new movie about Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 seems to be, well, kind of ridiculous:

The upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man,” from “Whiplash” and “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle, premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday to rave reviews and early Oscar buzz. But the movie doesn’t include a key scene in Armstrong’s mission to the moon and an integral moment in American history.

The movie omits the moment of the American flag being planted on the moon (though the flag is present in the film), and the movie’s star Ryan Gosling, who plays Armstrong, defended the decision when asked about it at Venice (via The Telegraph).

Gosling, who is Canadian, argued that the first voyage to the moon was a “human achievement” that didn’t just represent an American accomplishment, and that’s how Armstrong viewed it.

“I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that’s how we chose to view it,” Gosling. “I also think Neil was extremely humble, as were many of these astronauts, and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400,000 people who made the mission possible.”

Gosling added, “He was reminding everyone that he was just the tip of the iceberg — and that’s not just to be humble, that’s also true. So I don’t think that Neil viewed himself as an American hero. From my interviews with his family and people that knew him, it was quite the opposite. And we wanted the film to reflect Neil.”

They “wanted the film to reflect Neil”? Well, Neil planted an American flag on the moon and Hollywood chose not to depict that — so no, they actually didn’t want the film to reflect Neil.

Also to try and spin this as wanting the story to depict a “human accomplishment” and not an American one is weapons-grade ridiculous. The Apollo 11 moon landing was a quintessential American accomplishment. In JFK’s “we choose to go to the moon” speech in 1962, the “we” he spoke of wasn’t “the world” or “all humans” — “we” was the United States, which was in the middle of a space race against the Soviet Union at the time. Hollywood’s revisionist history in “biographies” strikes yet again.

The director of “First Man” said the choice to omit a scene depicting Armstrong planting the American flag at the Sea of Tranquility wasn’t a political one, so perhaps they thought a short scene showing one of the most iconic moments in history would make their 2 hour and 18 minute film 30 seconds too long, or something.

A scene showing how Armstrong and Aldrin struggled to get the flag in place on the moon due to problems with how it was packed could have actually provided the film with a moment of “yep this is definitely a government operation” levity, but obviously somebody didn’t want to go there — in order to accurately reflect Neil, or something.

Latest awful thing that global warming denial has helped cause: Aretha Franklin’s death


The list of things that are alleged to have been caused by global warming (the preferred summertime usage) and climate change (the preferred wintertime usage) “denial” can already wrap twice around the Earth at the equator, and thanks to Stevie Wonder the list just got a little longer:

Stevie Wonder visited the ailing star days before she died and said that at that point she was unable to speak.

“We have to celebrate her life and continue the legacy by letting people of all the various genres hear the music that influenced us all,” Wonder told CBS This Morning’.

Wonder drew a line between the increase of cancer and the ignorance of global warming. “I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world,” he said. “What we eat affects the world and affects us. I just hope that people will grow up out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we view, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go of the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. We do that and we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place”.

A 76-year-old woman passed away. If that’s not enough evidence to convince you man-made global warming is real and an emergency, nothing will.

NOT The Onion:


The Resistance unleashes left’s last line of defense against Kavanaugh confirmation: Homemade Handmaid’s Tale costumes

You know, I was fairly certain that Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, would be narrowly confirmed by the Senate. But now that I see the lengths to which the Resistance’s most vocal cultists have gone to try and stop him, I’m… even more certain Kavanaugh will be confirmed:

Call this spinoff “A Handmaid’s Fail.” The red signified the blushing that would be taking place if they weren’t missing whatever part of the brain causes one to feel embarrassment.

What outfits will they be wearing AFTER Kavanaugh is confirmed? Most likely straight jackets.