Progressive utopia update: Switching to renewable energy will end racism and ‘economic injustice, or something

Same old socialist song and dance

Anybody who actually chooses to pay attention knows that all the “climate change” doom and gloom talk is all a giant wealth grab (even the French are starting to figure it out). And where there’s a wealth grab, you’ll find social justice warriors clinging to the movement like lampreys on a shark. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t even been sworn into Congress yet and she’s already figured that out:

How switching to indeterminate energy sources that would in the process cause the price of the only available existing energy sources to skyrocket would “help” the poor is anybody’s guess.

Here’s another national treasure who appeared with Bernie Sanders saying to act on “climate change” is to take action in favor of “gender equality”:

Here’s the capper: Leaders of the annual “fleece the masses” meeting disguised as a “Climate Conference” said this is what’s going to be required to save humanity:

In a rare intervention, presidents of previous UN climate summits issued a joint statement as the talks got under way, calling on states to take “decisive action… to tackle these urgent threats”.

“The impacts of climate change are increasingly hard to ignore,” said the statement, a copy of which was obtained by AFP. “We require deep transformations of our economies and societies.”

All this alarmism is a giant “transfer the wealth” cult, and anybody who doesn’t acknowledge that is an easy mark or in on the sham.

PERFECT: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubles down on raising the minimum wage after restaurant closes (guess why it closed)

It’s even funnier when you remember she’s an economics major.

The Left’s socialist rock star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to redouble efforts to get elected and push her dream policies, including increasing the minimum wage as much as possible, after visiting a restaurant that’s closing:

AOC’s going to “raise the wage” even more after being inspired by that story. And that of course means she’d be helping create more stories like that to be inspired by:

Hahaha! You can’t make that stuff up. It’s even funnier when you remember she was an economics major in college. If I ran Boston University I’d offer to pay her handsomely if she’s start telling people she got her education somewhere else.

Predictable: Economic growth exceeds 4 percent for first time in years, NY Times explains why that’s not a good thing

This headline would have been WAY different if Obama was still in office.

The GDP exceeded 4 percent in the previous quarter for the first time since 2014:

The New York Times can always be counted on to help the Democrats spin positive economic news during the Trump presidency:

Just a wild guess, but I’m thinking that headline would have been far different if Obama was still in office.


Yep, I was right. Here’s a NY Times headline from 2015 for a much lower growth rate in 4th quarter 2014: “Growth Rate Put at 2.6% as Economy Pulls Ahead.”

Could they get more predictable?

Progressive genius! Seattle to raise business taxes to fight homelessness

The answer to homelessness? FEWER JOBS!

This just in from the “what could possibly go wrong” department:

Imagine living in a liberal bubble so thick you believe businesses not paying high enough taxes is what contributes to making homelessness worse. Unreal:

The council on Monday unanimously backed a compromise tax plan that will charge large businesses about $275 per full-time worker a year. It’s lower than the $500-per-worker tax initially proposed. The tax would begin in 2019 and raise about $48 million a year to pay for affordable housing and homeless services.

The debate over who should pay to solve a housing crisis exacerbated by Seattle’s rapid economic growth comes amid skyrocketing rents and rising homelessness. The Seattle region had the third-highest number of homeless people in the U.S. and saw 169 homeless deaths in 2017.

What genius: “Hey, you know what might help lower the level of homelessness here? Fewer jobs!

WHAT national debt? Spending bill weighs in at 2,232 pages to the tune of $1.3 trillion

Apparently the national debt isn’t a major concern anymore:

And this is just for funding through September 30th of this year.

President Trump said “Dem giveaways” are part of that in order to get them to agree to other budget items:

You know, voters need to give Republicans control of Congress so this kind of reckless spending and “Dem giveaways” can be tapered way back! Oh, wait…


Who wouldn’t have time to read all this?

Bowie State students complain after cheap campus health plan dropped due to Obamacare regs

Many of the people interviewed here say they voted for Obama, so it’s hard to feel sorry for them, but at the same time it’s amazing to watch expectations in 2008 vs. realities in 2013:

Students at Bowie State University assailed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Thursday after administrators cancelled a low cost school-wide health care plan due to new regulations in the law.

Many students told Campus Reform that the now cancelled plans, which provided coverage for just $50 per semester, were the only insurance they could afford.

Unfortunately, we’re all getting what only the ones who voted for Obama (and Pelosi, and Reid, etc) deserved.

Even though they’re complaining about this, the next politician who comes along and promises to make their health care cheaper and make jobs more plentiful and higher paying will without a doubt earn their enthusiastic support. Some never seem to learn, which is part of the reason the country has such massive problems.

Barbara Boxer: Let’s Crush Even More Entry Level Jobs

Full time hiring is dying thanks to Obamacare and other factors, and the jobs “created” the administration keeps touting are mostly part-time jobs that people have two and three of each these days because of the economy. And now Barbara Boxer wants to kill those jobs off:

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Monday night she wants the minimum wage increased to $10, a nearly $3 boost from its current level of $7.25.

“I think about $10. I think that would be right,” Boxer said in an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

Boxer said that a boost to the minimum wage would “make a huge difference.”

“People are struggling,” she said. “The difference between the very wealthy and the working poor has grown.”

Why not just make the minimum wage $100 an hour and really close the gap between rich and poor?

What an idiot.

Robert Reich tries his hand at comedy again: ‘Where has our national government gone?’


Last night I ran across this recent tweet by Robert Reich (arrowed above next to President Obama), the diminutive former labor secretary under Bill Clinton literally and current wacky liberal economist. It sums up the left’s view of government while serving as the definition of delusional:

Because you can’t hear “Obama administration” without thinking “returning control to the states.”

These are the people who have managed to pass themselves off as “intelligent” in some circles (and by “some circles” I mean roundtable discussions at Columbia University and/or Chris Matthews’ cocktail parties).

Where has the Federal government gone? Nowhere:


If only more power had been returned to the states. That how it’s supposed to be:

The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people.

Reich is one seriously funny guy. I don’t think he’s quite as funny as Krugman but he’s getting there.

Obama’s Budget… Economics 666

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Hey, better late than never. Remember when Obama said he would never touch the middle-class? And then one day you opened your middle-class paycheck and Obama did take your money?

Kris 79

Well, look out: He’s saying it again. After a budget in both house were already in the bag, Obama decided to dictate what he wanted to do..uh…yeah, take more of your money. But trust him, he would never hurt the middle-class. The “middle’ class, if you haven’t figured it out yet, are all those people who are collecting government paychecks. Once again, it’s all in what you think the word “is” means.

Here’s some stuff from an excellent summary from Federal Eye at the Washington Post …the opinions in the parentheses are mine, and that’s all they are: smart-aleck opinions. Please…feel free to add your own.

Agriculture: Obama wants to eliminate direct payments to farmers, which accounted for about 44 percent of farm aid in fiscal 2011. (More small farmers will be decimated.)

Commerce Department: The president is seeking a 5 percent increase to the Commerce budget, to $8 billion. (It’s where Presidents help out the big CEO boys and go around Congress.)

Defense Department: Commissions to take on the controversial tasks of reducing or closing military bases and updating military retirement programs. (Reduce the military, of course.)

Education Department: For education, President Obama hopes to increase spending to $69.8 billion in 2013, which is 2.5 percent more than the current budget of $68.1 billion. (More college students, means more liberal brainwashing.)

Energy Department: The new budget proposal would raise funding for the Energy Department by 3.2 percent to $27.2 billion, boosting money for clean energy, research and development, and advanced manufacturing. (Here we go again, algae anyone?)

Health and Human Services: This includes assisting states with developing the complex technical infrastructure needed to set up the law’s “exchanges” — or state-based marketplaces through which individuals and small businesses will be able to purchase private health insurance with federal subsidies beginning in 2014. (Big Brother databases cost lots of money)

Intelligence: President Obama’s proposed fiscal 2013 budget contains $52.6 billion to fund the National Intelligence Agency. (Drones?)

Interior: The proposed White House budget would slash $200 million from a Department of the Interior program that helps six states with offshore oil and gas development — Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Alaska and Alabama. (We will NOT be energy depended)

Justice Department: President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget proposes $36.5 billion in spending for the Justice Department, an increase of $1.9 billion from the previous year. (This needs no comment…they don’t prosecute criminals, just the little guy with guns.)

State Department: The State Department would receive a modest boost in revenue, in part to offset costs for increased responsibilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.(We are paying them to train future terrorists, that’s important.)

Transportation: Mandatory and discretionary federal transportation funding would climb about 2 percent, or by $1.4 billion from the previous year, with major investments in highways and public transportation (You people HAVE to get out of those gas guzzlers.)

Treasury Department: The Obama administration proposed Monday increasing the Treasury Department’s budget to $14 billion, an increase of nearly 7 percent over its 2012 budget, with new funding directed toward enforcing the nation’s tax laws. (The IRS now has to collect Obamacare.)

Social Security: Wait… Federal Eye does not go into Social Security, (It’s the Washington Post, what do you expect?) but guess what, middle-class loonies? Obama is going to cut your SS check.

Was Paul Ryan right all you liberal duckcakes? Could it be that it’s actually Obama pushing granny off the cliff?

It will be interesting to see… what gets past.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams