Bill Maher Panel: Al Gore’s Getting Divorced Because His Package is Too Big, or Something Like That

Bill Maher, Van Jones, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Andrew Sullivan and some other guy who likes to say “cock” a lot talk about Al Gore’s separation from his wife. Sounds like Tipper might have been a little intimidated by the size of Al’s manhood in her old age… but Andrew Sullivan certainly doesn’t seem to be ::wink wink nudge nudge::

Almost every time I watch a clip of Bill Maher’s show online I’m reminded of why I don’t watch Bill Maher’s show on TV:

Here’s the cover of Rolling Stone that’s referenced… the photographer stuffed Gore’s pants with a few issues of Rolling Stone from back when it was a cool magazine — but it did manage to get some members of Bill Maher’s floofy panel to breathe heavily (hey, doesn’t that cause global warming?)


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Al Gore’s Commencement Speech in 5 Words: You Guys Are So F@%*!d!

If you heard Al Gore deliver the commencement speech at the University of Tennessee last week, it was probably the most inspiring speech you’ve ever heard — provided you needed that extra nudge toward suicide.

You’d have to go back to Jonestown to find a “leader” who gave a more motivational talk:

I was a little disappointed that when Gore spoke of huge carbon footprints he didn’t take the time to show the grads picture of the latest edition to his mansion collection. If Al had shown them pictures of his homes he could have at least inspired them to consider a lucrative career in scam artistry.

Obama vs. Obama — Episode XXXVI


President Obama at the West Virginia coal miners memorial, 4/25/10:

Day after day, they would burrow into the coal, the fruits of their labor, what we so often take for granted: the electricity that lights up convention center; that lights up our church, or our home, our school, our office; the energy that powers our country; the energy that powers the world.

Candidate Obama, 1/17/08:

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Update: And for an even more recent example:

The irony of President Barack Obama visiting Beckley, West Virginia, Sunday to read a eulogy at the memorial service for those who died in the Upper Big Branch Mine accident, has not been lost on some White House aides. “If we had our way we’d be mourning the mining industry, not miners,” says a White House aide. “As an environmental issue, we want the majority of these mining related industries just to go away.”

In Celebration of Earth Day

Today I’m pretty much going to celebrate “Earth Day” the way I celebrated “Earth Hour” last month.

Right now, Sting, James Cameron and the rest of the enviro-hypocrites are leaving their mansions to board their private jets and wing their way to DC for Saturday’s Climate Rally to tell the rest of us to not use our gas-powered weedwackers and eat hamburger so we can reduce our carbon footprints.

Also, my kids are in school, no doubt being shoveled propaganda that I’ll have to help extract from their heads when they get home. Fortunately though they’re smart and usually don’t buy most of the BS anyway.

Naturally, what Earth Day is complete without yet another all-out effort to recruit an entire generation of novocaine-brained Goracle-stepping envirobots sent out to snitch on their parents:

Launching this Earth Day is Green My Parents, a nationwide effort to inspire and organize kids to lead their families in measuring and reducing environmental impact at home. Not just on Earth Day, but every day. GMP’s initial goal is to have its first 100 youth advocates train and educate 100 peers (who will then turn to 100 of their respective peers and so on), with the aim of saving families $100 million between now and April 2011.
Kids are urged not just to find ways to save money and energy but to negotiate with their parents for a percentage of the realized savings in return for their initiative. Environmental, familial and financial responsibility are linked, so the effort isn’t so much about being an environmentalist as it is about being a responsible, engaged and caring member of the family.

So nice of them to take it upon themselves to teach my kids to be responsible members of my family (these are the people who can’t go a day without saying “keep your laws off my body”?) Too bad it doesn’t work the other way though — try going to an environmentalist loon’s house and demanding access to their kids so you can teach them how to be a good family member.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but listening to a group of people who don’t seem to care one bit about the trillions and trillions of dollars of debt the government they adore is sticking my kids with suddenly express concern for trimming $75 a month from my family’s budget raises a few suspicions.

Did you catch this part?

Negotiate with their parents for a percentage of the realized savings in return for their initiative.

Where I’m from, this is called an “allowance,” the parent decides on the chore, not some dimwit Maoist educator, and it’s non-negotiable — and if a negotiation is attempted the amount of said allowance drops exponentially. The only thing “green” involved is when the chore in question is mowing the lawn.

And the laughs from the Times article keep on coming:

I have to welcome, too, GMP’s unabashed fusion of capitalism and carbon footprints

This bonehead believes that “the State” sending kids home to negotiate with their parents over things the parents don’t want or need done, gathering data, and reporting back to the State is teaching kids about capitalism?

Emergency random thought: I’m sick of being told how to make the world cleaner by the group of people usually most in need of a shower this side of people who spent a weekend stuck in an elevator with Mickey Rourke.

But without further adieu, here’s the future president of Organizing for America and/or ACORN (somebody please explain to this kid how many people have been killed by “thinking big,” “idealism” and “striving for perfection”):

And of course, what Earth Day is complete without watching environmentalist wacko hippies crying over dead trees? This is just plain funny:

And for added Earth Day effect, check out this bulldozer clearing out trees.

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The ‘Global Warming Alarmist Nearly Freezes to Death Proving Global Warming’ Story of the Day


Tom Smitheringale was a man with a mission:

The 40-year-old from Perth planned to be the first Australian to trek unassisted to the North Pole, but announced he’d raise some consciousness along the way.

As he wrote on his website: “Part of the reason Tom’s One Man Epic is taking place now is because of the effect that global warming is having on the polar ice caps.”

His trek was going along nicely… until:

But Antarctica isn’t melting away, and Arctic ice has slowly increased since its big low in 1997. But no one seems to have told Tom, who soon found his extremities freezing.

Two weeks ago he nearly called off his trek after suffering excruciating pain in his fingers and thumbs, forcing him to call in emergency help.

And last week he had to be rescued by Canadian soldiers after falling through the ice sheet.

“(I) came very close to the grave,” he said, on being flown out.

This is actually now the fourth year running that warming alarmists have had to be rescued from expeditions to prove the Arctic is warmer than it actually is. It’s a metaphor.

It’s bad enough that they’re after our wallets to perpetuate this fraud, but the Gorebot hoaxers are now risking the lives of rescuers for no reason whatsoever. If these idiots want to be victimized by believing their own lies, let ’em do it.

By the way, what was the carbon footprint of Smitheringale’s rescue? He needs to buy some serious carbon credits.

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That’s Not a Hole, That’s the Climate Rally’s Carbon Footprint!

This Sunday, in addition to being Lenin’s birthday (I’m just sayin’), is the Earth Day “Climate Rally” where everybody’s encouraged to fire up the fossil fuel burning engine of their cars, buses, airplanes and mopeds to make their way to DC to raise awareness to the dangers of fossil fuel emissions:


Climate Change activist Sting will probably arrive in his legendary private jet, which his wife explains away by saying that it’s “difficult for a musician to work without making a huge carbon footprint.” I wish that was an acceptable excuse for any other industry: “It’s tough for an oil company executive to work without making a huge carbon footprint.”

In any case, for those environmentalists who can’t afford a private jet from which to lobby against carbon emissions, there’s always the good old bus:

Free buses to the Climate Rally

Earth Day Network is sponsoring free buses from New York City, Philadephia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Charleston WV, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Baltimore. RSVP today.

Buses to DC will park at RFK Stadium. There will be easy access to the Climate Rally by Metro Rail.

Seems to me that the most earth-friendly Earth Day would be to tell everybody to stay the hell home, but maybe I’m missing something.

Also featured at the Climate Rally will be Sting’s eco-hypocrite wife Trudie Styler, noted race hustler Jesse Jackson, and believer in eco-terrorism James Cameron.

Jackson may charter a private jet to get to there, as he is prone to do.

What do you think the carbon footprint of one of James Cameron’s homes is?


James Cameron is proof-positive that endless amounts of money make you lose your friggin’ mind:


Gingrich Defends Making Climate Change PSA with Climate Change Scammer Pelosi

My political history as far as how I feel about Newt Gingrich has been like Al Pacino’s famous line in Godfather III, except in reverse: “Just when I thought I was in, he pulls me back out!”

Gingrich, just days ago, referred to Obama’s administration the “most radical in American history.” Okay, I was starting to warm back up to the Newtmeister again… until he explained why he did the global warming PSA with Nancy Pelosi — one of the willing tools in the leftist toolbox of that “most radical administration ever”:

Taking action on “climate change” is the excuse of choice of Obama/Pelosi/et al for the implementation of socialist policy, so Newt needs to understand that calling Obama “radical” while at the same time endorsing the modus operandi for instituting that radicalism leaves conservatives scratching their heads.

You can talk all you want, Newt, but if you run for president, especially after that explanation, if your name is on the ballot, this is what a lot of conservative voters will see:


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Al Gore Not Warming To Producer Asking Him Questions

Jesse Waters, the producer of The O’Reilly Factor, caught up with Al Gore recently and tried to ask him about glaciers and the climate.

You’d think the Goracle would have been more than happy to have a bonus chance to scare us all into sending him some more money, but instead Jabba the Nut said he wasn’t doing interviews and was on his way to a meal (a shocker, I know — and hats off to the O-Factor producer for putting himself in the most dangerous place on the planet: Between Al Gore and his dinner).

Next time, Mr. Waters, ask Gore to recite some of his poetry. I guarantee he’ll stop:

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