Pro-gun-control Dem state rep is a LOCK to take home Connecticut’s ‘Ammunition Salesperson of the Year’ trophy

The tendency of certain liberal wannabe fascists over what you do and don’t “need” continues, this time from a completely clueless Connecticut state senator:

Either she’s getting a commission on all the ammunition sales that kind of talk from a politician results in, or she’s a total idiot. I know which option my money is on.

Gilchrest is obviously decided that I only need a certain amount of bullets or shotgun shells to defend my home — and that’s provided I don’t do what any responsible gun owner does, and that is go out and practice shooting so you actually know what the f**k you’re doing, unlike progressive politicians. And have you noticed that the Democrats’ concern about how thing unfairly “impact the poor” doesn’t extend to their right to defend themselves, not to mention their 2nd Amendment rights?

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel gets suspended, blames NRA, then whines about ‘false narratives’

Absolutely shameless

The new governor of Florida has suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for what boils down to general incompetence in the wake of the Parkland school shooting and other things:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who faced criticism over his department’s response to the deadly Parkland, Florida, school shooting last year, was officially suspended by new Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday.

“Sheriff Israel has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership,” DeSantis said in a statement.

“He failed to protect Floridians and visitors during the tragic Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooting in 2017. He failed in his duties to keep our families and children safe during the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb.14, 2018,” the statement read. “These incidents demonstrate Sheriff Israel’s repeated incompetence and neglect of duty. The families of the victims deserve accountability. It is my job as governor to ensure that the safety of our local communities, especially the safety of our children, is paramount. Government officials must be held accountable for their actions, and/or inactions.

Israel, true to form, immediately shifted the blame to the NRA:

From my perspective, that shamelessness only totally confirms that Gov. DeSantis made the right decision.

Then, in the irony of all ironies, Israel whined about “false narratives”:

“There was no wrongdoing on my part. I served the county honorably,” he said. “False narratives,” Israel claimed, are continuing “but not in a court of law. In a court of law, only the facts matter.”

Oh, there are false narratives here, but they’re coming from Israel’s side of the debate.

Israel doesn’t need to worry, because CNN or MSNBC will probably hire him as an analyst within a couple days.

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You’re doing it wrong: Dem Rep who’s running for president reminds defiant pro-2A crowd who’s got the nukes

What a way to tell everybody their government tyranny concerns are unfounded!

Earlier this year, liberal Rep. Eric Swalwell said the only way to solve the “gun violence” problem might be forced confiscation:

Swalwell proposes that the government should offer up to $1,000 for every weapon covered by a new ban, estimating that it would take $15 billion to buy back roughly 15 million weapons — and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”

This week, Swalwell obviously had it up to here with critics of his gun grabbing wet dreams by reminding those who are defiant who really has the power:

Yep, there’s no better way for a liberal politician to remind people who want to keep their guns in case the government gets out of control that they’re delusional and paranoid than by threatening to nuke ’em!

As for me, I’m not sure that would make the best angle for winning in 2020.


Swalwell’s presidential campaign in a nutshell:

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Democrat senator from Illinois blames Republicans for not doing something to stop ‘gun violence’ in city run by Dems for 87 years

Dude’s shameless

Chicago has been run by Democrats since 1931, but look who this dickweed, who has been a Democrat member of Congress for Illinois for 35 years, blames for all the shootings in that city:

That’s got to be in the top 10 of the most shameless tweets so far this year.

If anything, Chicago’s a Petri dish showing why the gun laws the Dems love do not work, which is why they have no choice but to blame Republicans.

OOPS: Remember this the next time David Hogg lectures everybody about laws

Sheer genius

In Canada helping promote Michael Moore’s latest attempt to replicate the success of “Fahrenheit 9/11” with “Fahrenheit 11/9” (see what he did there?), the Left’s newest gun control-pushing lefty, David Hogg, showed why he should really go back to school:

Ha! Remember that the next time he lectures everybody about the Constitution and campaign finance laws. Sheer genius. But so much for liberals thinking foreigners getting involved in U.S. elections is always a bad thing.

Dick’s Sporting Goods caved to anti-NRA activists who don’t shop there, company shareholders hardest hit

Shareholders must love David Hogg and Alyssa Milano having a say in the direction of the company they’re invested in

Earlier this year, Dick’s Sporting Goods was quick to cave into demands from David Hogg and the pro-gun control activist crowd. I’m a pro-business guy, but I’m also a pro-2nd Amendment guy, and as such I confess to getting some pangs of schadenfreude over this:

Yep, that’s a big time backfire:

Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS.N) reported a bigger-than-expected drop in quarterly same-store sales on Wednesday and forecast further declines this year, hit by tighter gun controls and a drop in Under Armour sales.

Shares in the company fell as much as 10 percent after it posted a 1.9 percent drop in same-store sales, bigger than analysts’ average estimate of a 0.62 percent dip.

Dick’s was one of the first retailers to stop selling assault rifles and high-capacity magazines as well as bar the sale of guns to people under age 21 following a massacre at a Florida high school in February.

The company had predicted that its hunting guns business would be pressurized by the change in policy but said the move should also attract more people to its stores.

Narrator: “But caving to left-wing activists didn’t attract more people to its stores.” If anything it had the opposite effect. It seems company shareholders wouldn’t be too thrilled with the company’s CEO putting control of their investment into the hands of David Hogg, Shannon Watts and Alyssa Milano, but maybe that’s just me.

Ex Maryland governor a lock to win most pitifully shameless liberal take on the Jacksonville shooting

Absolutely pathetic

In Jacksonville on Sunday, two people were killed and over ten injured by a man from Baltimore, Maryland who brought a gun he obtained in that state into a gun-free zone in Florida and shot up the place after losing a video game tournament. He then killed himself.

With that in mind, guess who former mayor of Baltimore and ex-governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, decided to slam for the shooting:

Got that? It’s Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the NRA’s fault that this guy with a history of mental illness legally obtained a gun in the gun control utopia of Maryland (Baltimore area) and brought it to Florida to kill people in another kind of area liberals love to create: Gun free zones.

O’Malley’s now the frontrunner for the Shameless Lib Asshole of the 2018 award, but the year is young.

You’re doing it wrong: David Hogg demands $5 million donation from Smith & Wesson or else — well — he’ll think of SOMETHING

Besides, why would Hogg want to accept what he calls “blood money”?

America’s newest high profile gun control activist might not have made it into college, but he’s already at the top the left-wing activist graduating class when it comes to his GPA in Shakedown & Extortion 101:

Student gun control advocates and one of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting are finishing a 50-mile, four-day march in Massachusetts to the headquarters of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson.

The group is gathering outside company headquarters Sunday in Springfield.

The marchers have condemned Smith & Wesson for making the rifle used in the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. The group wants the company to donate $5 million to gun violence research.

The Boston Globe reported David Hogg, a Parkland shooting survivor, called the march empowering and said Massachusetts shows how commonsense gun laws work.

Suggested Smith/Wesson response: “We started writing out your check for $5 million you say would be spent on ‘gun violence research’ when it occurred to us that by blaming S&W and the NRA for every shooting your ‘research’ has already concluded. Besides, we figured you wouldn’t want to accept ‘blood money’ anyway. Good day.”

Why would Hogg want to accept what he calls “blood money” anyway?

Speaking of “common sense gun laws,” the Jacksonville shooter apparently brought his gun to a Florida gun-free zone from Maryland — Baltimore specifically — which are bastions of liberal gun control laws. But sure, blame the NRA, Smith/Wesson and Florida Republicans, and hand David Hogg a check for $5 million, which will somehow magically ensure this never happens again.

At anti-NRA protest, meet the kind of people who want to control your ability (or lack thereof) to defend yourself


These are the people who want your guns taken, and the woman at the start of this video explains that they want to do it and don’t care if you die because of their misguided activism:

That kind of stuff, which was recorded at a protest at the NRA’s headquarters over the weekend, could be fairly humorous in a pitiful kind of way until you realize those are the idiots canceling out your vote.

Oh, and of course David Hogg had armed security (who may well have gotten their carry licenses thanks to NRA-backed training programs). You can’t make this stuff up:

What the progressive argument on gun control as it pertains to what they say vs. what they do boils down to is simple: “Our lives are more important than yours.”

David Hogg and his ‘inspiration’ help boil the anti-NRA movement down to its essence

In Manhattan yesterday, an activist who scaled the Statue of Liberty about a month ago had some, um, interesting things to say outside a Manhattan courthouse:

The activist who climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day spewed an anti-America chant during a news conference on Friday.

Therese Okoumou is facing numerous charges, including trespassing, interference with government agency functions and disorderly conduct for scaling the icon of freedom, according to the New York Post.

However, she appeared outside Manhattan federal court Friday wearing a dress that said, “I really care, why won’t u?” before beginning what she called her “song.”

“America, you motherf–kers! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA,” she shouted to her supporters.

And of course lefties clapped like trained seals:

Fast forward the tape from yesterday to today and the protest that took place at the NRA’s headquarters in Virginia, here’s gun control activist David Hogg with the same woman:

A “big inspiration”?

But don’t you dare question their loyalty to the country or its Constitution! In the end though, this is what the gun control movement is all about: Far leftists trying to force their anti-Constitution agendas into practice, and they can’t be allowed to get a foot in the door.

If people like Hogg were actually interested in helping prevent future school shootings, he’d be back in Parkland yelling at the Sheriff and school administrators instead of outside an NRA office in Virginia:

But sure, blame the NRA. Preserving the left-wing talking points obviously take precedence over saving lives.