Exposing Your Apple Computer to Second-Hand Smoke May Void the Warranty

Al Gore is on Apple’s Board, so the fact that the company might be in a fright because smokers are exposing their laptops to second-hand smoke that is contributing to “climate change” wouldn’t be surprising.

But the reason it’s claimed Apple is voiding warranties on computers that have been exposed to smoke is priceless in our increasingly paranoid society: Second-hand smoke is a contaminant, and Apple refuses to expose their workers to a bio-hazard:

Now, I am as much against smoking as anyone. I also do not want workers needlessly exposed to hazardous substances. Still, for Apple to deny warranty claims on Macs exposed to cigarette smoke seems way over the line.

Yet, that is what The Consumerist says Apple has done on at least two occasions in recent months.

Apple is apparently telling at least some customers that the amount of cigarette smoke residue inside their computers makes it unsafe for the company to perform warranty service on them, despite the lack of such a clause in the company’s warranty agreement.

“Apple: Finding ridiculous ways to screw the consumer over is Jobs one!”

In any case, if you see a computer tech wearing a bio-hazard suit, this is probably the reason — either that or Mayor Bloomberg is now working for the Geek Squad and he suspects somebody spilled salt in a laptop he’s about to work on.

‘Immigrant Rights Group’ Targets Target for Selling Illegal Alien Costume

Thanks to these people making a stink about it, I now know what to wear to the Halloween party I’m going to next week:

A Southern California immigrant rights group on Friday asked the Target store chain and a costume company to stop selling an “illegal alien” Halloween costume it said is offensive to immigrants.
Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, wrote e-mails to Minneapolis-based Target and Wisconsin-based BuySeasons, Inc. calling the costume “distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform.”

If this is offensive to anybody, it’s offensive to extraterrestrials, who would no doubt be advanced enough to have the decency to become legal citizens:


Angelica calls is “distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform” and I call it “hilarious.” To-may-toe, To-mah-toe. You know, if I was in another country illegally, I just don’t think I’d have the stones to complain about it if they mocked me a little.

Put a doctor’s lab coat on that costume and it would have been invited to Obama’s “liberal physicians round-table” at the White House and offered amnesty and a free physical. I’ve also been told this is what Nancy Pelosi looks like first thing in the morning, though I don’t have the stomach to confirm it.

I might have a problem with the costume if it were offensive to immigrants — but it’s not. Illegal aliens aren’t immigrants — they’re illegal aliens, and if they’re offended by this, they’re free to leave. That’s the beauty of a free country.